J2ME: Form Layout
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mercoledý, 10 settembre 2008

Forms in MIDP 2 have a LAYOUT policy to size and position elements.
Here below a list of layout directories you can apply to an item, even if the exact layout could depend on the specific device.

Layout DirectiveDescription
LAYOUT_DEFAULTDefault layout (leave it up to the implementation)
LAYOUT_LEFTAlign the item to the left
LAYOUT_RIGHTAlign the item to the right
LAYOUT_CENTERCenter the item
LAYOUT_TOPAlign to the top
LAYOUT_BOTTOMAlign to the bottom
LAYOUT_VCENTERVertically center the item
LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFOREThis item will start on a new line
LAYOUT_NEWLINE_AFTERThis item will be the last one on a line (with a new line starting immediately after)
LAYOUT_SHRINKAllow this item to shrink to the minimum width if required
LAYOUT_VSHRINKAllow this item to shrink to the minimum height if required
LAYOUT_EXPANDExpand the item as wide as possible
LAYOUT_VEXPANDExpand the item as high as possible
LAYOUT_2Indicate that MIDP 2 layout is in effect for this item
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