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My name is Alessandro, graduated in Economics in 2004, I have computing and information technology as one of my passions.
I have decided to put online here some material collected during these years, to share my experiences and information (as well as my works if the case).
Most of these data are on my hard disk since a bit now, publish them could hopefully help somebody or just satisfy some curious user.
This internet site would probably help me also ordering and gathering my documents in one library everywhere accessible (having an internet connection of course). originates from my nick name AlexDran.

For who knows or just played it comes from the Eye of the Beholder II RPG computer game (the last monster there).
It’s a bit a symbol of my passion for RPG games, role games on computer programming.

drabMost of my friends finally call me just “dran” or AlexDran :)
Articles and documents come from my personal experience (on the different fields). I'm not responsible however for any damage or malfunction on other systems.
All rights reserved .
Last Updated ( mercoledž, 18 luglio 2012 )
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