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Van Gogh project - VGE is the effort to conjugate two kind of necessities on today universe of internet sites:
  1. the simple and fast possibility to make your own dynamic site, with a description languages easy and direct very close to html;
  2. the opportunity to take advantage of a complete and compacted Content Management System able to reach any type of aim and any result expected.
Main points of this new kind of approach are:

  Powerful and direct language recognition system (LRS):
  • Few changes to localize your site
  • Possibility to change language at any point of your page
  • Language is considered an attribute of the objects (pictures, buttons database tables…)
'Struct' based layout (SBL):

Possibility to define page layout once for all the site, with the advantage of creating new pages with just some lines of source.
Level based Content (LBC)

The site can be based on an infinity framework of levels for different contents view and authority access.
Fast and compact, built with a simple and direct approach. The core is based on three files:
  • The parser (description page interpreter)
  • VGEExecute (database / file command processing)
  • VGEGraphicEngine (page graphic builder)
Flexible and expansible
  • With its class based approach it gives the possibility to combine the advantage of a programming language with the facility of an html derived tag approach.
  • Scalability: it’s always possible to go back till to simple html language for particular content requirements.
  • Possibility to change styles as attribute for pages and object.
Alessandro Braccini
For information: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Last Updated ( lunedě, 26 novembre 2007 )
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