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HTML MARQUEE creates a scrolling dispaly text inside your web page. Even this effect is really attractive the common advise is not to rely on it since it could not be recognized everywhere and your pages should look limited (it was born as a MSIE extension and then supported also by NS 7).

WIDTH = integer (how wide the portion is)
HEIGHT = integer (hot tall the marquee is)
DIRECTION = LEFT|RIGHT (scrolling direction)
BEHAVIOR = SCROLL | SLIDE | ALTERNATE (type of scrolling)
SCROLLDELAY = integer (how long is jump delay)
SCROLLAMOUNT = integer (how far to jump)
LOOP = INFINITE | integer (times to loop)
GBCOLOR = colore (background color)
HSPACE = integer
VSPACE = integer
  MARQUEE scrolling area can also contain images, not only text.
Last Updated ( venerd́, 14 dicembre 2007 )
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